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Coronavirus: Slowing down the infection

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I'm in the process to achieved a reasoning about a way to slow down a Coronavirus, type Delta, infection by another one of lesser importance. Could you please giving me some argue about those two sheets:




The point is that Coronavirus is not possessing the good membrane proteins, or viral peptides, to be the target of the immune system correctly, because, if it was the case, vaccine will arise rapidly. So why not insert a regular virus that possess what is missing, like flu virus, that is killed almost easily by the body. That Virus shall be from a strain where one or many proteins are missing but included in the Coronavirus.

So when the duo will arise, the cell will be targeted by the T-Cells and being destroyed:




The most important, in the selection of the attacking mutated virus, is it's capacity to trig the immune system. I mean, that the fact of non evasive escalation must not takes is source in the non-penetration of the host cells. There is in the NCBI database of genes, avian Coronavirus, that have been studied in the past, with high correlation base on BLAST software, the big problem is certainly my incapacity to determined the source of the non-infection of the Human specie by such strain (ex.: Avian infectious bronchitis virus (strain 6/82)). But, I'm insisting than by logic, it should be the case :)


So, the best strain will be the one with the lowest infection exponentiation, with a immune system triggering...




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