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Blood pressure?

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Maybe this seems odd to me because I am not a Doctor, but I get the impression that Blood Pressure is treated more like a disease rather than a symptom. Is high blood pressure a disease? Is it both? I lived from August 2018 to October 2019 assuming that the chest pains and shortness of breath etc was normal, if you have high blood pressure, all the while faithfully taking my high blood pressure meds and daily checking my blood pressure which always read just a little low most of the time. The symptoms I presented in 2018 and 2019 were exactly the same, yet this time the test they gave suggested that an exploratory catheterization was in order where they would fix anything they found wrong. I received three stints and a freaking miracle at the same time. If you don't count the brain tumor found in January 2020.

Apparently, I'm blessed and feel slated to be the next Methuselah if the two arteries they decided not to repair because the other three places where of more importance don't trigger the attack that kills me, but it may be apparent or perhaps it's the Keppra that has me annoyed that they originally treated the sudden, really high rise in blood pressure like it was a disease rather than a symptom.

I can't say that the pills didn't help cause when all I was doing was lying around the hospital doing nothing but eating and resting I actually started feeling pretty good. Note the blood pressure always tested low, and I would say yes it's always low. Then they gave me that nuclear test which I am not that familiar with but apparently it there is a problem they can give you the antidote which prevents them from having to save you from an inflicted heart attack that can happen, if they actually test you on a treadmill, apparently there is no antidote for a real heart attack. I passed, but two weeks later I was muttering to myself as I ran behind a walk behind lawnmower because I couldn't figure out where the middle setting which apparently defines walk as opposed to complete stop, or run, they should have let me do the treadmill. Why didn't they let me do the treadmill?

Yes I am venting, or maybe it is the Keppra, but if someone can convince me, or point me towards an article that suggest that high blood pressure is actually, more than just a symptom, maybe I'll be better able to accept blood pressure pills as a treatment for what may turn out to be angina in much the same way that a pill for a runny sniffly nose, you got a cold, medication is used to treat the flue. 

You know! I don't remember having a runny nose the whole time I was taking lasix 🙄, but then I didn't have a cold either. Finally, convinced the cardiologist that the sudden dizzy spells every time I bent over, wasn't from the brain surgery, and he took me off the lasix, and losartan. Now, I'm tempted to try and talk him into at least reducing the carvedilol, but am afraid that I might be pushing my luck. Mostly because carvedilol apparently does more than just lower blood pressure, which is now presenting in the acceptable low readings, and the other things it does sound like a good thing when you have three stints and could probably use a couple more. Or, it could just be that they were remarkably, well written articles.

I kinda miss the lasix now, because I have this internal left sinus problem, which I'm probably making assumptions about. Anyone who has ever had to take lasix knows that the initial constant trips to the bathroom which I would normally blame on old age, is kinda annoying, and probably more so than a slight sinus problem that only occurs when I'm sitting up, and isn't always noticable.

Okay, I'm feeling better now, but I really would like to know is sudden oncoming high blood pressure accompanied by really aggressive chest pain, cold sweats, can't stand it, wish it would stop, please make it stop, sound like the symptoms of high blood pressure? Is high blood pressure a disease in itself, or should it be thought of as a symptom first?

I keep wondering...

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High blood pressure is a risk factor for several bad things. It can be caused by many things (disease, lifestyle, genetics). It is aggressively treated because it is one of the most easily modifiable risk factors for a range of bad outcomes.

If you are ever getting aggressive chest pain please call an ambulance.

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