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Fibre optic passible projection

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I would like to be able to passively project a humanly recognisable object over a dense array of fibre optic cables, over a distance of 100m, without the need for electricity.

1. To project more detail than a silhouette, light projection onto the object itself is required. Could diverting some of the cables toward a natural daylight source be used to sufficiently illuminate the object from a distance of 5cm?

2. If so, what percentage of the cables would be needed to illuminate an object 5cm away e.g. every other cable?

3. I assume that the array of cables is capable of transmitting the image distortion free if curved with the minimum bend radius of an fibre optic cable?

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Interesting read, I don't have access to the PDF however, but it seems like a lot of the thinking here coincides with what I was looking to achieve, although I have more flexibility as I don't plant to have the same size restrictions. I never thought about the width of the fibre optic diameter, that would probably cut down on the complexity, and looking into the matter of the shape they don't have to be circular either, I could use square cables and gain the otherwise missing negative space.

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