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Laminar flowing drinking water fountain

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Usually drinking water fountains are pathetic things and quite unappealing. Assuming that the fountain could be guaranteed to be clean (members only) people wouldn't be so afraid to use one. However, to make it more appealing, rather than a little winkle of a squirt, I think that the visual appeal of crystal clear Laminar flowing water would be a big step in disarming people's fears.

However, the entire flow must be in a single direction to achieve this and I should imagine that such a sensitive area as the mouth wouldn't appreciate the full force of the water hitting it directly. However, if more spacial in design, such as with a spherical / mushroom shape, then the force should be greatly reduced, but the effect still appealing.

My idea is to have a drinking fountain that splays out equally so that multiple users could drink water at the same time from a beautiful display that shouldn't hurt.

First of all, I assume that these pumping machines can push drinking quality water?

Also, I would like to better understand how the water reacts with light: I assume that while the sheet could be projected on to (as with the time in the Osaka City Station, Japan waterfall display) it would also be transparent and light would pass through? Would it behave as fibre optics do and only display the light at the termination point as gravity pulled it to the surface i.e. creating a highlighted perimeter circumference, which would require the light to bend with the water, or would the entire sheet glow?

The design in the video below is not what I had in mind, I am simply looking for a single self contained stem poking up to produce the drinking water on command:




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