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windows left me


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That's interesting. I don't recall KDE distros typically having a "My Documents" folder. Makes sense, I guess -- might make things easier for people transitioning from Windows to Linux. (Or were you a Gnome guy? I can't remember for sure now.)

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Oh this was a Windows problem? I gotcha.


Are you still having problems or did it just recover on reboot? Windows Explorer can sometimes reset itself, but if not you can just reboot and it generally recovers pretty well.

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If windows has occassional crashes, id reformatte and reinstal windows. I reformatted my familys desktop the other day becuase applications would crash alot, and now none crash at all. I guess linux and unix are notorious for being very stable. I gotta try lnux some day, but im still trying to fully understand windows. I still have alot to learn.

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