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verifying relativity

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6 hours ago, Mordred said:

All particle decays comply with the conservation of energy momentum under GR. 

I’d just like to point out that this conservation law works only if the spacetime patch in question exhibits time-translation symmetry, i.e. if it admits a time-like Killing vector field. In other words, the metric of said spacetime patch needs to be stationary for there to be a global notion of energy-momentum conservation. This is approximately true for earth-based particle accelerators, of course. It is not, however, true for more general regions of curved spacetime. This just as a side note.

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6 hours ago, MaximT said:

You could try some of my experiments, why yours are better?

I do not follow your line of reasoning. 
1: Are you claiming that all the experiments that confirm general relativity are incorrect? Or
2: Are you claiming that experiments confirming general relativity on earth is not applicable, physical laws are not the same in deep space? 
Something else?

For number 1 I think mainstream science has moved past the point where GR is questioned on a daily basis. GPS seems to be pretty reliable for instance.
For number 2 the predictions of current theories matches observations pretty well over vast distances. @Mordred mentioned red shift from distant stars. Another example is Gravitational waves. AFAIK the distance to Proxima Centauri is very small compared to the distances that GR  experimentally verified for. Going there, performing experiments along the way, will not change the view on GR.

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12 hours ago, MaximT said:

No, but I swear that I saw the results personally, If you know what I mean!

That would be a reason why "our" experiments are better. They are documented and (in principle) can be replicated or repeated.

8 hours ago, Mordred said:

At 4.244 light years distance he would have to have a working FTL drive lol. 

One year in his frame.

16 hours ago, MaximT said:

What will be the step to verify relativity in constant acceleration between earth and proxima centory ?

There is no reason that this specific experiment needs to be done to verify relativity.

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15 hours ago, MigL said:

I think he went to Proxima Centauri.
When he comes back in a year's time he might have proof.

image.thumb.png.ca411bde9f1a7202a76d4f4409806ce8.png Maybe :)903989325_Picture84.thumb.png.473407c2f4910cf4b901c7048ee7f064.png

13 hours ago, Mordred said:

At 4.244 light years distance he would have to have a working FTL drive lol. 



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