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Split from: my hypothesis: dark matter observations are relative

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On 12/19/2019 at 5:16 AM, Maartenn100 said:

What we see through our telescopes has also something to do with from which gravitational field we observe the celestial bodies. Our observation of dark matter in an observed galaxy f.e. is the result of the space-time curvature of our gravity field from where we observe the other field, and the curvature of the galaxy we observe.


I had been thinking that maybe it could be due to the Holographic Universe.  From the frame of reference of a black hole at the center of the galaxy, everything in all of time would be frozen information on the surface of that black hole.  If the world-line of that galaxy was disrupted somehow in a timelike direction, then it could create a mirror galaxy which has a new set of information describing that event at the surface of the black hole in that newly formed galaxy.  Then the act of observation of the black hole in the center of the galaxy itself, sort of locks in a fate for any particular galaxy.  A new fate would require another galaxy. 

Then it would be like a galaxies could branch off of other galaxies, and they would be connected to each other at the center of the black hole through a wormhole, similar to how wormholes were originally derived to be able to exist like as an Einstein-Rosen bridge.  Then dark matter could just be the result of gravity leaking in a higher dimension between these two galaxies, because they would practically be sitting right next to each other in a higher dimension.  It would result in a gravitational disruption between both galaxies, pulling everything in them in a tighter orbit in the center.  Since it was kicked off the other galaxy in a higher dimension, it could then translate to the galaxies expanding away from each other in normal space, hence dark energy.

Theoretically, one could construct a major event like building the Pyramids based on the alignment of other galaxies, changing the fate of the inhabitants of the world.  Then new galaxies could arise based on how peoples new fates formed, and astrological predictions could be made based on those actions.  Then people could have horoscopes based on the alignment of those galaxies with accurate predictions when compared to the fates of older generations in how they changed from this type of event, like building the Pyramids, took place.  

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