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Heat of fusion values per m3. Are they good enough to store energy?

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Fe --> more than 500 kwh/m3 (Tfus. 1538°C)

Si --> more than 1e3 kwh/m3 (Tfus. 1414°C)

NaCl --> more than 250 kwh/m3(Tfus. 801°C)


Do you think it's possible to store a large quantity of (renewable)energy when a matter changes from a solid to a liquid?…

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There are some serious attempts to do so -

Australian company 1414 Degrees is developing energy storage based on molten silicon. Time will tell if their projects will prove cost effective. These include a plant using bio-gas from wastewater treatment to heat the silicon, then use that for heat provision and electricity generation (see quote below) and have bought a failed solar thermal project, intending to bring it to completion and include their molten silicon storage.




  • – 1414 Degrees’ GAS-TESS is operating as an embedded generator on the National Electricity Market (NEM)
  • – Electrical energy can now be exported and sold to SA Water
  • – Heat energy continues to be supplied to SA Water site


SA Power Networks (SAPN) has officially recognised the 1414 Degrees GAS-TESS as an embedded generator, allowing it to connect into the distribution grid supplying SA Water’s Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant. The electricity will be sold to power the site until SA Water obtains an export licence.

The GAS-TESS has been returning heat energy in the form of hot water to the Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant since 25 May. The pilot project has also been exporting electricity to the site for test purposes, allowing our team to refine operational processes and procedures in the lead up to approval of the SAPN connection.



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