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Light Time Clock


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blinks of light of the mobile source if on the orbit (shifts of light could occur due to accelerations of the mobile source along the orbit); in different directions density/frequency of blinks is different; the same should be with atomic clock tickings (my view:time of atomic clocks should not show constant tickings in different directions):


Super answer to all questions piled so far.

1) atomic clocks; 2) magnets; 3) what if LTC do not contract or stretch when observed, but just viewed with different time data (by not phychs). Short answer: as in a pipe of water clocks, according to postulates time flows with constant speed, so if time data viewed is different, then rescale LTC's time ruler, dupes.

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So, you want to star in my thread? You like the word LTC?


I really do wish that you'd stop referring to this as your thread. It's not even hosted on a server that you pay bandwidth for. Everybody is perfectly entitled to post comments, good or bad - if we didn't, then there just wouldn't be any point in calling it a forum.

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