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Efficency of Research


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I remember a story about two diffrent laboratories. One was in Switzerland as far as I can recall. The swiss lab continiously produced better research than the other lab. 
Nobody could think of a reason for that, they both had top notch equipment and research. 
it turned out that the swiss (if i recall it right) was better because it shared a canteen with the biology? department. 

Does anyone know the labs, or maybe a report about this situation? It seems impossible to find it on google with the vague information I can provide. Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Best, Moritz

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Two heads better than one?

They probably complimented each other, if it was engineering or something similar, then I can see why being around biology experts would give you an advantage over another lab which didn't.

Edit- Misread the question, thought they were asking why? Oops.

Edit 2- Have looked all over the internet (bing), can't find nothing.

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Sounds interesting. I’ve often thought questions from “left field” can spur thinking along different lines. Maybe just having those different viewpoints collide was productive of different thoughts. It’s sort of like stated above about synergetic effects.

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