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Help me pick a major


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Okay -


I'm heading off to college in 3 weeks (as I've said in past posts). In these next few weeks I have to finalize my schedule - which incidently finalizes my major pretty much.


I'm going into engineering. I'm definitely majoring in Biomedical engineering - but my university forces you to double major BME with some other "traditional" engineering major. Initially, I wanted to do Mechanical + Biomed; but now I'm not so sure.


I'm interesting in chemistry and physics - but I like physics more because, to me, it seems more practical. It seems as though in the earlier classes I'll have more "hands on" experience instead of just learning the theory (like Chem E).


The majors I'm torn between are Chemical, Mechanical and Materials Science and engineering. I really love physics, and want to learn more advanced physics - but I'd also like to learn chemistry and the chemical workings of things. Can you guys give me a run down of each major, what it entails and what you guys think the best way to go is?


Also, I'm not EXACTLY sure what Materials Science and engineering entails. Can someone explain this too?

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I'm not an engineer so this with a grain of salt. However I don't think chemical engineering would really complement the biomedical engineering major as chem eng is largely focused on the design and running of industrial plants. Either materials or mechanical would be good complements, it just depends on where your interest lies.


Wiki links:




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*Closes eyes and spins the wheel of college majors...*

Well, it looks like it's landed on... native american studies. Your destiny has been chosen!


Umm... Chemical Engineering and uh, Material Science are probably going to end up being basically the same thing.

If you definately want bio-med, mechanical engineering is probably just going to be a hassle. I'd go for bio-physics or biology or chemistry or pre-med as your second major.

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Let me ask you a question Walden. What do you want to do after you graduate? Any of those engineering majors could conceivably complement your biomedical engineering degree, depending on what you wanted to do after you graduate. Also, my suggestion is that you take a look at the actual courses required for each degree and see if you would like those courses and if you think they might help you with whatever you plan on doing after you graduate. One of the most important things you can do is to choose a major that you enjoy doing. Finally, you are putting way too much emphasis on choosing which one in 3 weeks. Engineering degrees all pretty much have the same freshman courses and you will have time to change majors later without really loosing any ground.

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