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How many children ?

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Some children were playing in the Garden.

Mr. Johnson asked Mrs. Albert if they were all hers.

“No” she replied. “ My children are playing with friends from

3 other Families “.

“Our Family happens to be the largest, The Berry Family have a smaller

Number of Children, The Charles Family have an even smaller number

and  the Dickens have the smallest of all”.

“How many children altogether ?” asked Mr. Johnson.


Mrs. Albert replied , “There are fewer than 18 and the product of the

Numbers in the 4 Families happens to be my House number which you

already know”. Mr. Johnson asked if there was more than one child in the

Dickens Family. Mrs Albert replied.


How many children are there in each family ?

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I have two possible answers that seem to fit, one for whether Mrs. Albert replies "no" and one for "yes." Is there supposed to be a single solution?

I'm assuming 1) "smallest" means smaller than the number of Charles family children, though technically the statements would be true if they were the same, 2) Mr. Johnson only asks questions he can't already know the answer to.

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Yes the reply has not been given though the fact is Mr. Johnson needed to ask it ! 

Yes a unique Solution is expected !

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Ah I made a mistake, I get several answers that fit.

I get one solution if I assume that Mr. Johnson knows the answer in the end.

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