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Statute of limitations

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On 11/20/2019 at 7:40 PM, jajrussel said:

You have set the condition as happening at the same time🙂 I realize that when someone walks through a mall with an AK 47 they tend to be popularly labeled serial killers but generally serial killers make their kills over time as did the Serial  killer mentioned in the thread.

That's not the issue I was addressing. I already gave an example of separate incidents that would be treated separately. (Unless a federal crime resulted from crossing state lines. Then they might have to be "bundled")


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20 hours ago, jajrussel said:

Since it may be seen as we have Been quibbling about this post. I want to make it clear that I did not downvote it. I do not down vote posts. 

in this case I did upvote it to cancel out the downvote since the post was directed at me, but I have thought about it and will never do it again because Who am I to cancel out someone else’s opinion.

 I see little point in a downvote war, though honestly most people have a lot more to loose than I do, and if someone thinks I’m an ass they should just tell me so along with a reason I don’t need to Google before deciding if I should be offended. I assure that I will never respond with a downvote. I would rather face the wrath of the Moderators to whom I should apologize now since this is somewhat off topic.😇

off topic, completly unmerited, and not humorous...

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