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Would implementation of slavery affect you?

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A large part of the population in Europe is the gypsy minority. They are dreg. They cannot be described as people. It has nothing to do with biological assumptions or race. It is true that they cannot all be thrown into one bag. This is not important because rats are not all the same. In business you also have to make certain decisions and be uncompromising. Why do you eat pigs and cows but refuse to eat dogs? My neighbors would rather have pigs at home than a gypsy. It has nothing to do with race. Every day, Europeans complain about the economy, and the problem can be solved easily. Europe would look like Dubai if everyone opened their eyes and stopped playing morale to feel like they were well raised. Everybody here hates gypsies. Not all but what? Who will stand up for them? How will it affect you? Yet, we cannot all be hypocritical and call this idea unethical or immoral. Why is it moral to slaughter rats but not enslave (hyperbole) the poor who does not have their own state, murders, steals, hates, stinks and still complains about discrimination and they still provide social benefits for this dreg. I am against implementation of this system. In Europe, countries are poor because of the lack of mineral resources, other wealth and other causes. Some states, although they are not rich in mineral resources, have a lot of gypsies. If we sold these rats, Europe would be Dubai. However, it seems to me to be a logical and possible solution to get rid of this gypsies. If the rest of the world disagrees, they can accept these gypsies and have them deported to their countries. How else would they be deported? No one can get them out of here. This is not racism. It's purely a hypothetical question. :))

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