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Good books for a beginner?

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Hi, Im new to the scientific aspects of climate change but interested in learning more about it from a scientific, math, as well as practical/solution oriented approach.  Could anyone suggest a few good books on the topic?  Would it just be best to learn physics and chemistry and then delve into more practical books? Thanks!

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The best starting point would be a good junior high school book in physical geography,that deals with Weather patterns and Climate.
This will not assume  any prior knowledge or maths.
It would give an excellent background into how the natural planetary systems work(ed) before Man's activity interfered significantly.


Yes catching up on some background in maths, physics geology etc is a very good idea.
Fortunately the science is not mind blowingly difficult and can be acquired alongside progress in climate study.


This out of print book (but you can get is second hand for next to nothing) will provide all the scientific background you need and more.



Good luck in your journey.

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