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Dark matter = Gravity?


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I read someone's unified field theory answer on Quora. Looks like he said one could be made, if dark matter and gravity is the same thing.
So gravity as a free agent, attracted to large quantity of normal matter? Would explains the difficulty finding gravity in particles.

Could dark matter and gravity be the same thing?

Any debunk would be appreciated!

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Man. One reason to never trust Quora. I know of several banned members on this forum that constantly post there LMAO.

 No dark matter does not equal gravity. One can cause spacetime curvature without DM 

Here is a real world example. LIGO calibrates it's detectors using lead weights placed near the detector of sufficient mass to cause a slight curvature. Planets, stars etc cause curvature. 

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11 minutes ago, Gater said:

Matter creates Gravity, and only effects matter - gravity has no effect on time or space.


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47 minutes ago, Gater said:

You guys might never learn the truth that way.

We that care about  science are not interested in the truth because it is not attainable... how would you really know? That is why science has theories, which have the highest level of evidence available at any given time. It is a matter of principle that scientists leave room for doubt at any time, so that current theories can be modified, or even discarded, as and when necessary in the light of any new evidence in the future.

16 minutes ago, Gater said:

Coukl you explain what you consider Science - apparently Logic and reason don't qualify.

It is a  process of analysis and discovery which uses the scientific method. Logic is a formal and repeatable thinking process... not just what makes sense to us individually.

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