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Thinking outside the box


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:confused::) Dear P&P Friends,

Who said ,"thinking outside the box"? I love that exspression. I view things differently than most. I love to solve personal problems taking into account all the ingredients of the problem. I love to think outside the perverbal box. From science to apples. I think all the time about whatever comes to mind. I want to believe I am unique and a exspressionist. I have always walked to the tune of a different drummer all my life. I am being harassed to the point I am losing my patience with these people because I seem like a nerd to them. Is this a sign of mental health problems? pljames :)

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No, I don’t think there is any problem with thinking outside the box.


Of course two things come about.



Firstly you have to be prepared to take responsibility for any issues you create by this alternative approach.


Secondly, you have to prove to all, that you are quite capable of thinking inside the box (and twice as good at it as anybody else) and that your choice to step outside convention is both deliberate and well considered.

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I know exactly what you mean. I guess i feel the same way about myself too, always thinking about stuff , seeming like a nerd to normal people etc... but, we arent special. One day we'll die, be forgoten, and everything that weve ever learned, worked for, or thought about, will die with us.

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Did you have to ride the short bus to school?


if you did...I think that qualifies you as "special"




the big problem with going outside convention , is that everyone operating inside convention has to adjust.


like say for example if you decided that the red traffic signal seemed like a more sensible color to go through than the green one ...

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I like basic psychology and not advanced. All my life I was taught you come last and your family&friends come first. I have been miserable all my life. all of a sudden I did what I was not brought up to believe. Think for yourself and do what makes you happy. At sixty two I am beside myself. I do not harm anyones, physical,mental,moral or spiritual philosophy. Am I selfish and self centered to believe I can be happy? I am however have serious problems loving my fellow human as is, faults and all. Have I went overboard in my new belief?


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