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Hijack from Can evolution disprove the god hypothesis?

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Yes in my opinion evolution has already disproved the existence of any God/Gods.

There cannot possibly be a God when there is so much misery, extreme poverty and heartbreak on this planet.

So many people on the planet are struggling every day just to survive and many of them also will not survive.

Also so many people (me included) are in pain and also heartbroken.

Too many people are committing suicide every day so there cannot possibly be a God or anything which gives a damn about humans.

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Being miserable and heartbroken doesn't disprove God, that's ridiculous. And what about in the future, what if we can cure all illnesses and have no poverty (admittedly thats unlikely). Will that prove the existence of God? 

Also, in the end nobody survives..that's just life I'm afraid.


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