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Assembling a kite...


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Sorry to bring such simple minutia, but am confused.

Got a kite for my daughter and cannot figure out how it goes together :embarass: (no instructions)
The drawing shows all the spars 8; 10 at the concave side ¿?.image.png.a54e0f32c62823d883cce556c78594ca.png


But there is two holes passing the strings 51, 51' trough the sail.  Pictured hanged to my ceiling fan to show better, with bridles 47s ans 51s hanging.  Element 37 not attached. Not shown spars are on the top side.



The drawing source is ----> https://patents.google.com/patent/US4815681A/en  :rolleyes:  as I saw such  printed on the sail.
How does it go ?  Spars on convex or concave ?

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10 and 8s are joined at a cross 12; which puts them all at the same side.  Another (reverse?) of the drawings shows dotted for all 8, 10, 12



Other kites of similar construction do have them as you say;  10 on convex, 8 on concave sides. :huh:

Edited :  Does dihedral (as described type of kite) implies the convex side faces the operator of the kite ?  Which puts the spar members on the concave / far side ? (then, seen by operator like the photo on fan)

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Here is a standard 2 string kite and harness for your reference. This is how you'd see the kite and harness if you were flying it.

It is unusual to see that the bottom spars don't go straight through on yours considering both kites share a similar plan shape.


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