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Resistance leads to mass and time in 3 dimensions.

Oldand Dilis

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An amendment to the introduction/abstract of my paper of the Unified Field Theory explaining resistance is what leads to time and mass. The more resistance the more time and weight...in 3 dimensions.

The field described here provides a foundation which makes for clear simple  logical explanations of gravity, electromagnetism, quantum entanglement, light, matter, teleportation, radio waves, radiation with the underlying principle being that everything we perceive is essentially vibrations/energy passing through the field. The field is a flexible fabric made up of quantum balls/particles connected by quantum string which are invisible at rest becoming visible when excited by vibrations/energy. The most direct hitting vibration ie. light moves almost seamlessly exciting each quantum particle as it passes. When watched it appears as a particle moving but it is not the particle rather the vibration which is moving through the quantum particles. With more energy/vibration the field begins to experience resistance leading to a stretch in the fabric leading to mass and time, time is directly proportional to mass in three dimensions. Because time has been percieved as one dimensional, (forward moving) observations have reflected only one time dimension but as this field provides a logical and verifiable explanation for the double slit experiment (also on this website with a new variation on the double slit experiment allowing us to cross check) a more complete picture is now possible. 
(Amended 12/07/2019 to clarify the effect of resistance and mention the new variation of the double slit experiment)

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6 hours ago, swansont said:

Are you planning to post any science?

Who knows, there is always a first time.

I do like this, "The field is a flexible fabric made up of quantum balls/particles connected by quantum string ".   It sound very comfortable, I would like a quantum jacket made from this flexible quantum fabric.

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9 hours ago, Oldand Dilis said:

also on this website with a new variation on the double slit experiment allowing us to cross check


18 minutes ago, Oldand Dilis said:

A solution to the double slit experiment with a new variation of the experiment to cross check is verifiable/science

On this website, sciencforum.net, no such thing as an experiment verifying multiple time dimensions, can be found at this time.

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This is yet another typical example of someone wanting to formulate a GUT with his personal model that has absolutely no idea what is involved in a GUT theory....

 One of the most fundamental steps is the mathematics that offer a means of testing such a theory .

 A theory without mathematics that is based on simply verbal word play is utterly useless 

 You cannot build a working circuit without being able to calculate the required resistance and capacitance to create an RC timing circuit. 

 Nor can you predict how our universe will evolve in terms of expansion (which quite frankly required nearly every field in physics) nor can you make predictions of particle decay nor interactions 

You require mathematics for that.... 

This formula is far closer to a GUT than anything I have seen of your posts.

[latex] \mathcal{L}=\underbrace{\mathbb{R}}_{GR}-\overbrace{\underbrace{\frac{1}{4}F_{\mu\nu}F^{\mu\nu}}_{Yang-Mills}}^{Maxwell}+\underbrace{i\overline{\psi}\gamma^\mu D_\mu \psi}_{Dirac}+\underbrace{|D_\mu h|^2-V(|h|)}_{Higgs}+\underbrace{h\overline{\psi}\psi}_{Yukawa}[/latex]

You have absolutely no idea how detailed this formula truly is in terms of all the tensors/matrices complex conjugates etc.

If you ever hope to build a GUT then you had best be able to decipher this equation. At the very least recognize each term

Just for the record you have three spatial dimensions time is seperate as an independent variable which is the mathematical definition of a dimension. Hence spacetime containing four independent quantities that can change value without affecting any of quantity

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