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Hijack from Is it possible for a particle to be in two time frames simultaneously?

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There's a lot unknown about the universe.

I think a big area is pressure, and what happens in a black hole, and how are these united. What is gravity really? ...Considering that our current models rely on dark matter, a particle of an unknown type with unknown properties that makes up a far greater percentage of matter than all other matter combined, and that was not postulated to exist by either Einstein or the Standard Model.

There is a possibility of a bidirectional aether in the manner proposed by the famous mathematician E.T. Whittaker in 1903 and 1904, who claims that two scalar potentials can form electromagnetic waves (as opposed to one vector and one scalar potential), and he shows this in a way that is Lorentz invariant. An aether has never been fully discounted; John Bell, for example, claimed it is possible.

And finally, the human skull contains both a type of "electric circuitry" and cranial pressure. It is a type of flux capacitor in the sense that a magnetic field can be modulated near the skull and near the slow-acting "electric circuitry" that is the human nervous system. This can potentially achieve telepathic-like abilities, and this has been shown in the USSR and America during the Cold War. Much research, in fact, went into this, and links can be posted directly from the CIA website on this research.

Here are some links:




All three are directly from the government. There may be an unknown interplay between cranial pressure, the nervous system, and electromagnetic fields. With emphasis on the may. But even more emphasis on "There's a lot unknown about the universe"...


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