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Chemicals in electronic cigarettes...


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Been to several vendor stores asking for an electronic cigarette that uses/works with only water to make the steam and got the weird look.

Does it fail to comply with the capitalism of profiting from flavor fluids  which would be zero with only water or there is some reason the devices cannot make pure steam ?  I was not looking for flavors nor nicotine which I have no crave for.  Seems to me that flavorless steam nearly fulfills the habit of inhaling the 'heavy/denser air' sensation of smoking.

Been a light cigarette user and never noticed any 'high' from tobacco.  Just the habit. Gives me nothing.

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There are many different devices around. The more ‘technical ‘ contain coils you must replace yourself when they become clogged. 

I think you could just try water and see what happens. If it doesn’t give the required effect, maybe add some CBD oil and see how that goes. Bu then again, oil and water won’t mix well...

Perhaps just try some CBD oil?

You can also buy the vg - vegetal glycerin oil - that does not have nicotine in. I believe it’s not really known conclusively what effects these have.


Edit: Failing those ideas - make s steam inhalation of your own :-)

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You could get a mod with temperature control - which is common - and set it to water's BP, then fill the tank with water. I think deionized would be best so as not to scale up the coil. I'll try it later and report. 

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