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Are we, the humans, doing the right thing?

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Der Algorithmus zum Lösen der Überbevölkerung

The Human race is growing at an alarming rate.

In order to save the planet and it's inhabitants from the virus called humanity, we must take action.

In my 37 years of research on being a human, I have come to many conclusions about this necessary step, which I would like to lay out here.

I hope I can explain all of these very complex ideas in a way, that you can understand them at least to a fraction of the level that I do.

First of all, you need to understand that the overpopulation of the human race is caused by many complex chemical reactions in the human body. The main reason causing this problem is that people keep producing more small humans, in technical terms babies.

I have studied many ways to prevent this from occuring, for instance, creating programs to stop the sexual urges of the male population. This particular method has been started by Epic Games in their popular software Fortnite. I will not go into detail about this specific effort, because it is very complex and hard to understand.

Another solution that I have been working on myself though, is the creation of viruses to combat the sexual reproduction by redirecting the sexual attraction of the infected from the opposite to the same gender. The first prototype is work in progress, the beta-name of this project is big gay.

Even with all of these efforts, the population growth is still in the positive.

Therefore I have concluded that attempts to stop reproduction will not be enough.

Eventhough I have not come up with a concrete plan yet, there are ideas that seem promising.

I will try to keep updating this topic for you, the readers.

Sincerely Harald A. Kotinger       


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