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heat and mass transfer fixed bed drying

jan luyten

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I am looking for a very simplified formula that can calculate the drying time for a fixed bed by heat and mass transfer. The goal is to dry the product cake with heated nitrogen. The cake thickness and characteristics of the solid and gas are known.

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I don't think there is enough info to give you a proper answer. Sorry. Unless I have totally misunderstood you I would think that the drying time would be dependant on the formulation of the cake ingredients as well as drying temperature, cake thickness and flow rate of the passing nitrogen.  Moisture level in the cake will influence drying times too.

You could formulate your own drying time equation for a given cake formula of given thickness by looking at differing nitrogen temperatures and flow rates maybe.




What type of cake is it? Chemical particulates?   What about vacuum?  Drying in vacuum oven allows reduced temperature drying and faster too of course.

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