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Dominant-Rezessive, alleles

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I am just interested in biology and genes how it works and the possibilities which genes my child would get. 

According to the punnet Ssquare, if the father has blue eyes (bb) and the mother has brown eyes, but is a carrier of blue (Bb) the child could get blue eyes. 

But how is it with if the father has bb and the mother have BB (brown eyes, and no blue allele)? ...according to the punnet square the child will have brown eyes, but I have seen children with blue eyes and blond hair despite the fact that the mother is not a carrier....just look at Shakira and her son, this is the same constellation..so the question is it is possible that the baby get blue eyes when it’s BB and bb ? Maybe genetics are a little bit more complicated than the punnet square..because of this I am here to ask in this forum. Thanks a lot 

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