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Changing aspect ratio of a stove's entry


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I was wondering if one could change the aspect ratio, ie the length to width of a stove's entrance from 1 for a square to a length to width of the square root of 3, so you can cap off the chimney in an efficient stove like a rocket stove?  The only question I have is that in looking at interpolation and decimation in image analysis, you can make an image appear fuzzy from close up, by say, cutting the square out with a few more smaller squares to make the edge more ridged in the stove opening.  My idea is based on a cellular automata, two dimensional, each square has a length of 1 by 1 but the diagonal is the square root of 2.  Apparant motion that the eye sees of collection motion of squares moving diagonally must travel faster than other directions, in particular left-right and up-down, because the diagonal is longer, so I presumed widening the stove entrance in that manner would slow down diagonal vortical motion of air to decrease small rotations and turbulence that would interfere and cause biased rotations to prevent a natural tornado that would spawn in that manner to cause the stove to always suck air into the stove.  My question is, does this seem too simple, and is there perhaps an image analysis that is lacking, such as making the edge some ridged manner to more strongly distort things back to the proper air stillness to spawn a tornado?  Does anybody know of any good image distortion techniques that would do something similar?

For all I know you would need a cross of both root 3 rectangles as an opening.  For all I know you would need a computer to control the fuzzy squares opening and closing and a neural net to actively sense the air, but opening and closing a few squares is not energy costly.

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