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Question re Mannich reaction


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Rgarding to Mannich reaction between amide and secondary amine, I had 2 spots one matching the reactant and another is different, I have 2 question

1. The technique can be followed ? Best technique to be used in synthesis of amide-amine Mannich ?

2. Can I separate these 2 spots ?

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1. I am not sure what you want here. Have you encountered a problem in your synthesis? What procedure were you following?

2. I assume you mean spots on a TLC? If you can see two distinct spots you should be able to separate them, provided the difference in Rf is sufficient. 

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1. The procedure was refluxing the amide containing compound with paraformaldehyde until clear solution obtained, left for gentle stirring overnight, next day piperidine was added and again the mixture refluxed for several hours. Monitoring with TLC gave 2 spots as I said previously, attempts to make the product with single spot by adding more one of the reactant not successed

2. Yes, 2 distinct spots, do you think column chromatography is suitable ?

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