yield and ultimate fail in battle

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This is Engineering . The data is the point and words 'battle' and 'boomerang' have no effect on perpendicular fail of MPa .  The title is "yield , fail in battle". This is an engineering pun on failing in a fight. Here is "battle":

Battles between Europeans and Aborigines occurred throughout Australia, including the Darling.  
Apr 7, 2015 - Bizarrely, the skull wounds on Toorale Man appear similar to those on gladiators in Imperial Rome.
 Dr Michael Westaway

When you look carefully at these sort of lesions, the striations are fairly diagnostic of an edged steel weapon. So it may actually be evidence for frontier violence. This is significant because we actually haven't seen anything like this in the archaeological record in Australia before."

Sep 15, 2016 -  .....Of the weapons tested the frontal wound on Kaakutja most closely resembles that produced by an African 'Samburusword.
These are the only calculations provided.  
(Soldier returns home with piece of skull-bone and asks wife to glue it back . "Did you lose it in battle, Tom?"  "No,  it was part of a North Korean missile strike for the heroic struggle of the Dear Leader". "That's a battle" . "No it's not". "Yes it is".)



So you have boomerangs too? What's the drag resistance of sand ? What's the exit force?

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