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How can I contribute to Physics with a different major?


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Hello forum,

This is probably a rather unusual question, but I hope you can shed some light.
I'm a physics and astrophysics amateur and rookie and I find it absolutely amazing. I would very much like to contribute to this science area as a multimedia graphic designer (that's my profession); and I would like to know if there is any demand or need for design in the field.

Thank you in advance.

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You could e.g. make 2D or 3D animation of cosmic ray particles hitting atmosphere of the Earth, creation of secondary cosmic rays, how they decay, to couple different modes.

In some modes, there are created free neutrons, which after hitting Nitrogen N-14 atom is transforming it to radioactive Carbon C-14. Then it becomes part of carbon dioxide molecule,  which is absorbed by plants, and end ups in other living organisms, including humans, consumed directly (plants) or indirectly (meat). They decays inside of body damaging DNA, cell or organelle..


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