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Does anybody feel me here


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So i got this right, about mental illness but really the whole of the mind is in this quick y  I think i solve this mental health crap


 CAn anyone one understand this or do you need picture with it

You got your mind somewhere in you and it can access some how all the stuff you learned and experienced with some new thought you having(Say you just got a text from a hot bird to see if you want dinner)So you mind processes this with all its abilities and and stamps it with you emotions and you get a nice feeling and that gets tucked away in the mind some where and some little adjustment occurs to your emotions that are up for it tonight.. And thats like what the mind does, all day every day... Just say this time for example you like a teen woman and you been coping shit from every one and its been all going wrong and you mind been spinning with crap what feels for ever .  think and lets say depression, i think that you mind spinning with stuff like your a fat pig will just go round in circle and it will hurt you emotions that run all the depression stuff, and when all your depression emotion are getting pounded by you head trying to process being called at fat pig  then some of it will stick and goes into the memory bank some where and this keeps on happening that at some point these emotions that have to keep growing cause you only a teen reach some level of suffering or damage that your body cant have your emotion stop developing or you never grow up and the suffering would get to much as well, so this disorder comes in and protects the specific emotions so they got a chance to grow again... But now when you have a think about something its you depression disorder inflenceing the thought with some problem, say you dick yo short and you mind process that thought and stamps your emotions with it and it dont feel good but the decline in emotions didnt occur now cause of ths disorder that like depression stuff. And all the genes, and chemical stuff is horseshit.. Its all just this straight forward process that pumpes your thought into your self'until you end uo with a disorder that protects you now

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