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How to ruin sex research

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Michael Bailey, a renowned sexologist, has recently written an opinion article in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, titled "How to ruin sex research". He writes that sex research is being hampered by ideology and scientists should not bow to ideology. He urges for the controversial ideas in sex research not to be censored. Quote:

If people knew which ideas had merit and which did not even before the ideas had been thoroughly discussed and tested, then we would not need science.

What do you think? 

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I read the article and it was, IMO, a lot of word salad.

However, the footnote 1 (see below) seemed quite clear in it’s advocacy;

“Although my sympathy for pedophiles who have resisted acting on their sexual desire for children has been straightforward and unwavering, it also extends to many offending pedophiles who are usually punished far more harshly than research suggests is warranted by the harm they cause” (Rind, Tromovitch, & Bauserman, 1998; Stupple, 2014).



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