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match neuronal structure from two different DNAs

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2 hours ago, Dagl1 said:

Firstly, there are more things than just dendrite number, length and synaptic delays which are part of memory formation (see LTP/LTD).
You need to go and look into the basics before you make conclusions; the idea that "because synapses are build dynamically it must not be affected by RNA" is wrong. Synapses can and are definitely affected by and partly the result of RNA.

I don't understand what you mean by point 2. 
Again, I think you need to make no conclusions, don't speculate and instead start with studying how most of this stuff works. Read the articles I mentioned, read a lot more and then maybe it is time to speculate.


1. Well yes I don't mean memory formation, I mean how the brain/consciousness interprets memory(through dendrite number, length and synaptic delays). You've proven me that both dendrite and synapses can affect RNA, which is quite valuable information.

2. If I am to remap the entire brain's nervous system. I would, run a still unknown pathway(unknown pathway to myself) to change the number and length of dendrites. Then I would run a pathway on glutamate/GABA to create synapses on the already existing dendrites. If I am to rewire someone's brain to match mine. If you got more to add feel free to let me know.

P.S. I dunno about increasing or decreasing number of neurons to match my brain though, I think female generally have a smaller number of neurons than male.


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