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The experiment for the big question is an electron a particle or a wave?


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Think about it, when you know about wave breakers at the coast. Maybe the wave that we call electrons are so sensible that gives only a point and explodes like a soap bulb, when this was correct then its nothing other as a wave.

You can test it very easily, you must take a chamber or a same thing with a slit and then you dont put the detector in the direction of the slit where you can look. You must set the detector next to the slit behind the wall, then you can check if an electron is a wave or a particle.

And important is that the walls of the chamber dont reflects the electrons then the experiment gone wrong.



The detector was the wave breaker and the wave was gone.

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We've known for a long time that electrons exhibit behavior of both. They are localized under certain interactions but can also be made to diffract and interfere. It was a standard lab in modern physics when I was a TA to look at the Bragg diffraction of electrons off of some crystal.

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