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Enviromental change


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Environmental change can be good or bad depending on how much of a stake we have in stability and the absence of excessive or too rapid change. Australia's mountain pygmy possums are unlikely to survive global warming - were they equipped to think about it and tell us they would say that is an environmental change that is bad. Humans who accept that climate change is real and serious mostly appear to conclude it is bad for humanity and things we cherish, such as remnant natural ecosystems. We are still learning just how far reaching and persistent the consequences of micro-plastic waste are on marine life - and other environmental change is being found to have serious downsides. Take a very long view - and ignore the near term - and it becomes possible to conclude it is not bad. I would disagree.

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Environmental change..


..day by day..

..month by month..

..year by year..

..thousands of years by thousands of years...


Too quick environmental change disallows (non-intelligent) living organisms to adopt to new environment.. (which results in extinction)


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It depends on what's causing the environment change and who is it good or bad for. Currently, things are not as bad as humans but the environment change has had a disastrous effect on forests, wildlife, and sea creatures. The most problems of environmental change are arising from human activities. These changes might not be affecting humans now but they soon will pose a great threat to the sustenance of life as we know it.

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