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The theory of space /time

Randall Canham

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The thing about the light clock is that it does not rely on any mechanism that one can argue is affected by the motion. One of the recurring misconceptions is that somehow time dilation is a mechanical effect on the workings of the clock. The light clock suffers from no such confusion. The effect is solely due to the limitation that photons move at c in all inertial frames.

So if you think there is a flaw in the model, point it out. But let's dispense with silly guessing games.

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On 2/13/2019 at 5:11 PM, Randall Canham said:


You have still not refuted my claim that time is just a  basic measuring tool that  even you must admit to using . To   even just to establish a velocity. Or have you never used this method to do so. Obviously there may be other ways but that is not my point.


No, a clock is a basic measuring tool...It measures time...how much time has passed between successive events. Time is there, it exists, just as space exists.

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