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Can anyone identify this ?


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I have had skin reactions Which I thought were bed bugs. However, 2 Pest companies have said that there is no bug activity in my flat. Nonetheless, I am still getting “bitten”. Whilst cleaning my tiles in kitchen with household cleaner with bleach (always used it), everywhere went red like blood was oozing and the smell is awful. Tiles, cardboard, wood, paper, plastic all appeared to bleed. 

Any ideas ? Could it be a bacteria as lately I have suffered breathing problems, fevers and headaches. 

Hopefully, I can attach pictures. 

I can email anyone who is interested or knows what it is the other pics and video of it happening. I’m at my wits end and have left the property temporarily. 



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I have been to GP who hasn’t a clue and are treating the so called bites.  However, I just wondered if anyone thought it could be a fungus or bacteria as only happened in last 5 weeks. Thank you for responding. 

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