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The question of North Korea

Xavier Zapotny

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My question that I want to see based on simple observation to see how many besides I thought this. But is North Korea and South Korea actually separated by reality in a psychological standard rather than one of physicality, or are they working as one with a barrier for play? My reasoning for this question is because through simple observation I’ve noticed oddities between the two that don’t add up. They say they hate each other right? Then why is it when the defector OH was running. One. Koreans are better marksman, two. If you watch the footage alone and look closely. They are missing purposely. It’s like those movies where setups take place. They had to hit the guy to make it look real. They hit an area where he could be healed and knew where an issue was. The question remains, why did he defect? What do we know about what happened prior? And why did S. Korea take him in give him full rights full treatment. And no problems based on suspicion of him being there. He was brought in full acceptance. Whereas Americans cannot even accept a slightest refuge if Mexican without any hint of discrimination or mistrust? Second observation. The music is referred to as K-Pop, why not NK-Pop vs SK-Pop if they hate each other so much. Then take into account the differentiations in the language. It is different enough to seem plausible they separated but can still converse and understand. Tactics used as a hidden reference to what can be seen as hidden measures of what they want others to think. Back to the question as a closing. What do you all think. Are they truly separated. Or not?

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36 minutes ago, Xavier Zapotny said:

The question remains, why did he defect?

Starvation, lack of security for family, and forced compliance are powerful motivators. 

Perhaps you can try reforming a more clear question once you’re no longer high?

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