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increase density of a solid


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Contrary to popular belief, solids and liquids are compressible.
Nowhere near the extent that gases can be, but still a measurable amount.

A sound ( pressure wave ) is, after all, just a moving localized area of compression.

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On 13/12/2018 at 6:23 PM, Josiah said:


Is it possible to increase the density of a solid? Such as metal


Ok so you don't care enough about your question to return and check for answers.




But it's been so much fun for others seeing what ideas they can come up with.

So thanks for the question. +1


My contribution is to say metal?

Well perhap not metal, but metal ore.

Dry it out.

All earth materials increase in density as they dry.

They end result what is known as dry density, which is then the maximum density for that solid.




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27 minutes ago, Strange said:

Some materials have can different crystal structures or allotropes with different densities. An obvious example is carbon where diamond is denser than graphite.

Indeed a good one, as is polymorphism in Sulphur.



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