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Looking for some help


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I am looking for a few peeps that might be nice enough to help me start a little life-science resource:


Adept in PHP/PHPNuke

Advertising Experience

Frequent Browser of Journal publications, (such as PubMed)

University level or higher students

People who will submit news and abstracts relevant, but not limited, to the following any of the following areas:




General Biology

General Medicine

Molecular Genetics


Cell Biology




Qualified users will be given admin powers with respect to their credentials.

If you are interested, e-mail me at rakuen@gmail.com or contact me via AIM as windig0zz. The site is still fetal right now, as I just finished the server and SQL stuff yesternight.




(i'm hoping i'm not violating any board rules)

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Is the site sort of a news site / highlights of the literature or is it going to also have written text-book style nformation about these areas?


That's going to depend on how much help I get with the coding.

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Sadly i'm not really qualified, i don't know PHP (although that's next on my list - just got to grips with html, css and small bits of javascript) and I'm still an undergraduate so don't generaly browse journals as a matter of cause. My twin brother is a comp scientist and is very good with the ol' php - lets hope it's in the genes and I can pick it up easily ^_^.

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