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Experiment- ionic reactions

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I have a question about ionic reactions (precipitation, color change).

I need to prepare a short experiment. It must be interesting without, dangerous chemicals and without warming. It will be performed by 14-year-old students. Anyone have any idea? Is the experiment on this connection a part of ion reactions? https://melscience.com/en/articles/egyptian-night-experiment-190418/?utm_source=FBpost_en&utm_medium=EgyptianNight190418_article_en
Thank you for any information.

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Calcium chloride with carbonates of sodium, potassium or other alkali metal carbonates. Forms calcium carbonate which is calcite. It is only a white powder, but much safer.

Iodide with lead is bright yellow but lead around children is typically frowned upon.

potassium Ferrous and Ferric cyanate make a dark blue when mixed, but that is not an easy precipitation reaction to use as an introduction ionic reactions.  It is more related to oxidation states.

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