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Scientific Business Inventor

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I plan on getting some engineering degrees, so I can become an inventor and invent things to change the world for the better as well as sell products and offer free products on the open marketplace and to non-profits so that the world can be better off than I found it.

I have long dreamed of doing this and hope to accomplish this as it is a dream I hold close to my heart. Anyway I will be attempting through science and technology to create tech that improves the lives of everyone rich or poor regardless of status or monetary allotment.

I will also find ways to work on provisional patents for upgrades and updates to and add-ons to many of the current patents are there from a legal standpoint as well as contacting owners of said patent once work is completed.

I do not care for when I have gone into deep discussion of said goal with people the label of mad scientist, rather I think it is erroneous to think that only companies and teams can do legitimate science if you get the appropriate training and experience once can do real science.

I do plan on vetting all my work with the science community but for business reasons and because people are people I won't vet it tell I have completed the work and am sure it works beforehand. I will have it copyrighted and protected as well as made known in the media.

I have to protect the ideas I come up with just imagine if I do make something to change the world and it's complete and someone else takes the credit for it, I would be sad and angry.

The main purpose of this op is to discuss my plans in a open an reasonable way I will not talk about not discuss if I am a mad scientist or not I am just here to discuss in the op inventing from a science perspective.

I am a big fan to Nicola Tesla and Albert Einstein.

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