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Animal Cell problem

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Hello I am Alan 

I have big problem with understanding of cells. There are animal cells and plant cells. 

I biology I have learned that animal cells contain:





Cell membrane

Now I know that there is 

Golgi apparatus

Smooth er

Rough er 




So how I am supposed to know which organelles should be included in my animal cell, there are so many animal cell diagrams in inrternet. Each of them labled differently.

And there is also no such thing as animal cell. In a way that animal is not made from just one type of cell. My question is what is the name of *animal cell*. Is it a cheek cell? And from where is this cell and how do I know what I schould include in her.

I also need name of every type of cell in animal and their organelles.

What is the best source to take data like this from?


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Hi there, 

Normal animal cells such as a cell in the arm has a very standard shape and contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, mitochondria and some other organelles. Plant cells also have a cell wall surrounding the cell membrane as well as chloroplasts for photosynthesis and a permanent vacuole which contains cell sap and other liquids. From my knowledge there are 2 types of cell-eukaryotic and prokaryotic, eukaryotic cells are cells such as animal and plant cells, prokaryotic cells are cells such as bacteria. Cells are quite complex but depending on what level you are learning from you learn different organelles in each of them. This is from an A level standard. Hope that answers most of your question.


This clip should help some more.....https://www.khanacademy.org/science/high-school-biology/hs-cells/hs-basic-cell-structures/v/introduction-to-the-cell 

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