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How do 4 fundamental interactions occur in nature naturally?

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So for magnetism we have earths magnetic field, that occurs naturally

Electricity we have lightning

We have electromagnetic waves come from the sun

That covers electromagnetism I think

What about the other 3 fundamental interaction of nature

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The (repulsive) electromagnetic force of the outer electrons in atoms is what  keeps atoms apart and makes things appear solid (combined with other effects like the Pauli exclusion principle that give atoms their size). 

The strong force holds the nuclei of atoms together (and holds the quarks together in the protons and neutrons). That's about it, outside of extreme conditions such as neutron stars.

The weak "force" (interaction) is responsible for some types of atomic decay, mainly beta decay and variants.

The gravitational force holds planets, starts, solar system and galaxies together (and keeps you in your chair)

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