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Brett Nortj

Finding electronegativity of elements.

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This I have been staring at for about half an hour now, and, have found that the elecronegativity can be worked out like the weights of elements I depicted at a earlier point.

Basically, you take the atomic number, or, number or protons, and, observe that every time the number increases, (-1) [Atomic radius] (+1) [Ionization] (+1) [Electronegativity], coming to +2 per atomic listing. This means that Hydrogen is [3], and Lithium is [5], okay?

Then, that number that it comes to is divided by the row it is on, times by half the column it is listed in, okay?

~ This is still a work in progress, so please help me find out the formula?



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What is the point?

Fitting a curve through 100+ data points is going to produce a complex formula. Much easier to just look at the PSE.

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Just looking at the coloured picture , gold, manganese and lead are going to mess up any nice smooth curve through the data.


So it's not just pointless, but doomed.

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Let's try this nonsense out shall we?


Boron, row 2 column 13  (number +2) = 7

[math]\frac{{7*2}}{{6.5}} = 2.2[/math]


Carbon row 2 column 14 (number +2) = 8

[math]\frac{{8*2}}{7} = 2.3[/math]


Aluminium row 3 column 13 (number +2) = 15

[math]\frac{{15*3}}{{6.5}} = 6.9[/math]


Silicon row 3 column 14  (number +2) = 16

[math]\frac{{16*3}}{7} = 6.8[/math]


Falls apart pretty quicky don't you think?


Wouldn't you be better finding out what electronegativity is?

Fo rinstance what are the units of EN?


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