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Pocket transistor with headphones interface.


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In 1967 I was in Catholic grade school and the St. Louis Cardinals were in the World Series. Bob Gibson pitched three complete games against Boston, including the final, all three victories. He gave up only seven hits and three runs in his three starts. I remember having a transistor radio in my pocket with an ear bud going up the back of my shirt and into my ear listening to the final game, praying Sister Patrina wouldn't find it and give me a whack on the knuckles with her ruler. Ah, the fond memories of childhood. :)

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As much of the radio and audio frequency electronics would be the same as, say, a mobile phone, they could be combined. And then maybe we could add other features, like a music player. And a camera ...


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For the finances side,  You have to compete with the $1 radio that includes earphones and light.

Price to public=$1

The store profit is around $0.50

The manufacturer cost in design, parts, assembly labor is around $0.25 to make a $0.25 profit.

There is also shipping, marketing, packaging costs.

----> https://frrl.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/a-fm-radio-for-one-dollar-how-is-this-possible/

If you want to earn $100 daily selling radios, at a $0.25 profit each, you have to sell 400 daily.

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