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How to take out a rogue tank?


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Hey cats....I have a sort of off da wall, but I think fairly intriguing thought problem for you.

We were chatting a little Saturday about terrorists and potential terrorist actions occurring in the US. So maybe some residue from that was on my mind this morning while I was watching the new Netflix reboot of the old Lost In Space TV series. BTW....it's very well done, I think.

So....in that series, the Robinsons have this all terrain vehicle that's sorta like a Hummer on steroids. Thing can climb over just about anything. I was enjoying watching this thing do some impressive high speed off roading and thinking...Hey.... that's what I need for driving around here! The city I live in had a truly apocalyptic traffic problem. One of the worst in the entire country.

So yeah...just climb over those pesky cars that get in your way. LOL. Well...this in turn made me recall how awesome and adept a tank would be on city roads. Please continue to bear with me...I promise a point is on the horizon here! I drove a Abrams M1A2 for the Army...for 22 mos. in OIF. So I'm all too aware of the destructive capabilities of these wonderful machines of mass destruction that help keep Americans free and strong.

And....here's your thought exercise. You get to play Commander of our civil defenses here. Let's say a PTSD ravaged vet went rogue and took an Abrams off base and began raising havoc on the streets of a US city. How would local law enforcement cope? What measures would they take? Would they call the nearby army base for help? Obviously a typical big city police force doesn't posses the requisite fire power or weoponry to terminate the Abrams. Oh...I've seen how some SWAT teams have those little mini tanks....urban assault vehicles. But they're not up to the task, trust me.

So what do you do, Commander? Air strike? But remember we're in a US city. The Abrams is now approximately ten miles away from the base. Rolling down a major artery going the wrong way.  Rolling over unfortunate cars. And once in awhile loosing a shell from the main gun, or firing off bursts from the sixty Cal. Cannon. Oh...it's Two soldiers in the tank, the dtivervand the loader/gunner. Usually we had a guy for each of those jobs, but let's say in this scenario one soldier is performing both tasks. I think it makes my story a tad more believable if two guys instead of three went postal here.

They've taken on some extra ammo, as well. Though local law enforcement probably wouldn't know this. Not at first, anyway.

So far...the tank had been rogue for about forty five minutes. We estimate about twenty casualties thus far, with a couple dozen cars crushed, as well as some property damage. A couple roadside structures took fire. A convenience store with gas pumps out front...still on fire... BTW. And a Compass Bank outlet. Both dwellings totaled.

So...you pick up your red phone and call......

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