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Integral membrane proteins


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I'm trying to work out how the cell removes and recycles proteins in the cell membrane, such as ion channels. I think  it'll be by 'digestion' by lysosomes, but I spent hours last night searching for the actual mechanism/process by which they are physically removed from the membrane when the time comes, and I couldn't find anything. 

Even just a point in the right direction to the name of the process or a website with the info, rather than the answer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

EDIT- the closest I have figured so far would be crinophagy, but I'm not sure if that is exactly right.

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Protein-turnover at membranes is fairly complex and there are quite a few different pathways, depending on the targets and e.g. whether they are bound for recycling or further degradation. However, the best understood degradation mechanism is the ER-associated degradation pathway,

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