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Origin of your UserName?


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6 hours ago, Thorham said:

My user name is a miss spelling of Torham, the main character of the game Dungeon Master 2 (my avatar image is Torham's in game portrait).

... never realized there was a sequel. I thought Chaos strikes back was it..

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8 hours ago, Thorham said:

You can check it out with DosBox if you still like games like DM.

My first thought was that I prefer it on the Amiga, because I do not know where my stacks of floppies with the various config.sys to properly configure the allocation of memory. Then I realized that I have no idea where I stored my old PC or Amiga. And only then I got coffee and realized what you are talking about...

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My hobby in my retirement is painting big-wave surfing scenes.  I haven't made hardly any money from it yet.  When I started using an airbrush it gave more realism to my pictures. My avatar photo, by Robert Brown, is famous, a giant 77-foot wave ridden by Mike Parson at Cortes Bank (100 miles off the coast of San Diego, CA) on 1-5-2008. 

See the actual photo here and read all about it: https://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/09/sports/othersports/09surf.html

But the problem with that photo is the smaller wave in front of it blocks our view of the trough, so for my painting of that same wave I removed the wave blocking our view of the trough:


See all my artwork at "biggestwaveseversurfed.com" which takes you to this web site:


Recently a new world record for "biggest wave ever surfed" was established at Nazare, Portugal on 11-08-2017 by Rodrigo Koxa at 80 feet tall.  What about Ken Bradshaw's 80 footer at Log Cabins on 1-28-1998?  Well, that was not photographed, only some grainy video was shot from a mile away.


The video of the new world record is not much help because you can hardly see what is happening:


Edited by Airbrush
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