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Gmo human intelligence modification

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Ok so this will be somewhat base , but go easy on my lack of complete knowledge as I'm a undergrad in mathematics and biochem and some genetic study is on some higher 300 and above level , waiting to learn more .

my university does longevity genetic research since it was approved by the government recently . We also cater some interesting bacteria and algae modifications that allow ethanol products as a metabolic product .

so it's a decent university for molecular biology studies . Ok to the point , Ray kurzweil makes some comments as to the computational powers of supercomputers In the near future 2023 or around this date computational powers are equivalent to a humans. 

With recent science pop media commentary from deceased Steven Hawkins last words predictions that machines will take over the apex , dominant species order of intelligence spotlight that we humans currently occupy , and against individuals like John searle who s philosophy maintains machines cannot "think".

For the sake of topic , arguing machines may could through AI developments , "think for themselves " . And even if not . Could pursuits of increasing human intelligence and other modifications be of ethical demand if an itelligence competion be a forstalled reality . 

I know now a lot of the Romesberg x y nucleotide work is still pretty much in research areas but in a genetic operational era as we are certainly entering , would it be a fail safe to start areas of biological gmo studies to prepare for a possibility that could undermine current sociological world structure s? 

Again im aware I'm missing a lot of perspectives here , but I'm interested and learning and new to this study . I feel , ethically nothing would be rash against a Study to try and say Create a human genome allele that could express a say approximate 1000  iq equivalent . 

Please be kind to my lack of knowledge yet 


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