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Engineer Manager, VS University Professor


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Hello, everyone, ...

So, i've got a simple question, which career do you think is the best for an engineer after graduation: pursuing academia and becoming a professor, or going to industry and becoming an Engineering Manager ?  what are some pros and cons of each one ?

thanks a lot in advance for your answers.

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It depends on what you like. Both are primarily management functions. If you like research or actual engineering, neither are a good option.

I think at the University you have more freedom, but are further away from actual applications. You'll be writing a lot of proposals and papers. If you like teaching, that's usually also part of the job.

In a company, valorisation is more important, and you are closer to the application. There is more focus on people management since the managed group is more diverse and less intrinsically motivated. There is more potential for a higher income, if you are good, but less competitive for actually getting a position.

These are of course general statements, with exceptions. First question you need to ask yourself is: do you like the academic world and are prepared to work in the publish or perish atmosphere?

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